Shield your small business from rising cyber threats

SPADE protects small businesses from cyber threats, offering customizable defense and reducing the IT workload for you and your staff - A Coro Partner


Alarming Trend: Cyberattacks Surge on Small Businesses

Don't be another statistic—partner with SPADE today


of small businesses fell victim to a cyber attack in 2023


attacks against small businesses, totaling $2.8 billion in damages.


of ransomware attacks in 2021 were against companies fewer than 1,000 employees

Don't let increasing threats endanger your small business. While threats are growing, preventing them doesn't always demand more staff or additional effort.
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We're Your Trusted Peace of Mind Provider

Our ethos is built on a foundation of partnership and empowerment. We believe security is more than a service—it's a dynamic partnership that empowers both clients and security professionals alike. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge security systems and innovating security protocols, we elevate facility safety standards and ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Our Offer To You

Consolidated Offer: The Secure Growth Accelerator

Tailored to meet healthcare-specific regulatory requirements (e.g., HIPAA compliance) and offering advanced protection against healthcare-targeted cyber threats.
Introductory Price

For the first 60 days, offer the full suite of 5 cybersecurity modules at a promotional price of $10 per seat per month, with a minimum commitment of 20 seats.

Volume Discounts
  • 20-100 seats: $10 per seat
  • 101-500 seats: $9 per seat
  • 501-1,000 seats: $8 per seat
  • 1,001+ seats: $7 per seat

Quarterly Cybersecurity Trends Webinar

Access to a quarterly webinar that discusses the latest cybersecurity threats and mitigation strategies

Act fast! The initial 50 MSPs signing up for 100 seats or more will enjoy an extra month at the introductory rate. Don't miss out on this early adopter bonus.

SPADE introduces Coro: Safeguard, block, and fortify your small business today

As a small business I needed something that could keep me safe without taking much of my time. Coro was easy to integrate into my business and gives me peace of mind with the latest cyber security issues.
Verified User in Management Consulting”
Verified User in Management Consulting

Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity like you've never seen 

Experience cybersecurity like never before with our all-in-one solution: 14 enterprise-grade modules seamlessly integrated into one platform. No integration headaches—just click to snap together cybersecurity modules. One pane of glass, one endpoint agent, one AI-driven data engine. Simplify your security with one comprehensive platform.

SPADE delivers Coro: Multiple Benefits in One Solution

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Tailor the platform and automations to fit your business needs and policies.
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24/7 Monitoring

SPADE's Coro offers round-the-clock monitoring of your environments, swiftly identifying and mitigating threats.
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Endpoint Protection

Ensure continuous scanning and remediation for malware across all your devices (endpoints), cloud applications, and email accounts.
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Data Governance Protection

Automatically scan files and emails across all devices for regulatory data such as PII/PCI/PHI information, detecting and alerting on potential leaks.
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Access Control Protection

Safeguard against bad actors and internal threats by identifying abnormal login patterns, automatically blocking hacking attempts, and more.
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Automatic Mitigation

SPADE's Coro swiftly identifies threats, quarantines them, and provides information for manual investigation if needed.

Your Trusted Peace of Mind Provider

A Veterans Promise: Security Everywhere, Every Moment.

Protect your most sensitive data

SPADE delivers Coro, serving as the central control hub for sensitive data and user activity. It empowers you to enforce various security, regulatory, and company policies.

  • Ensure compliance
  • Prevent unauthorized data sharing or access
  • Automatically identify regulatory violations
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Identify potential ransomware and malware

Spade introduces Coro, featuring AI technology that discerns between human and bot actions. It detects and automatically resolves potential attacks, suspending suspect users and preventing file corruption.

  • Block phishing scams, ransomware, and malware instantly

  • Suspicious email activity is automatically detected and blocked


Prevent unauthorized data sharing

Manage sharing at the file, folder, and user levels with collaboration rules that assign specific permissions, including whitelists of external collaborators.

  • Automatically limit the scope of sharing permissions and revoke shared links to protect data and files.

  • Unauthorized account activities: Know when an account has been compromised or when an insider or privileged user is acting like a threat.

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Don't go at it alone.

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