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Spade boosts cyber teams with a unified dashboard and integrated modules for 97% threat resolution - A Coro Partner


Threats are on the rise, while your IT resources remain limited.

Don't be another statistic—partner with SPADE today

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A business falls victim to a cybersecurity attack every 11 seconds


of companies experience at least one insider threat per month

1 in 5 

of SMBs report having fallen a victim to ransomware

Don't let escalating threats compromise your IT team, users, or business. Safeguard against malware, ransomware, and phishing with SPADE's intelligent solution.
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We're Your Trusted Peace of Mind Provider

Our ethos is built on a foundation of partnership and empowerment. We believe security is more than a service—it's a dynamic partnership that empowers both clients and security professionals alike. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge security systems and innovating security protocols, we elevate facility safety standards and ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Our Offer To You

Consolidated Offer: The Secure Growth Accelerator

Tailored to meet healthcare-specific regulatory requirements (e.g., HIPAA compliance) and offering advanced protection against healthcare-targeted cyber threats.
Introductory Price

For the first 60 days, offer the full suite of 5 cybersecurity modules at a promotional price of $10 per seat per month, with a minimum commitment of 20 seats.

Volume Discounts
  • 20-100 seats: $10 per seat
  • 101-500 seats: $9 per seat
  • 501-1,000 seats: $8 per seat
  • 1,001+ seats: $7 per seat

Quarterly Cybersecurity Trends Webinar

Access to a quarterly webinar that discusses the latest cybersecurity threats and mitigation strategies

Act fast! The initial 50 MSPs signing up for 100 seats or more will enjoy an extra month at the introductory rate. Don't miss out on this early adopter bonus.

SPADE brings you Coro: Escape the struggle and maximize results

My team uses Coro every morning and throughout the day for our workflow. We examine any phishing emails going on, malicious emails, and data governance. This tool has already helped us with some potentially severe events that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.”
Daniel T
Director of IT
Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)

Managed Security Services

Leave Your Cybersecurity to Us While You Focus on Your Business

Enhance your organization’s defenses by integrating Coro with the knowledge of our committed security experts. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides IT and Security teams with enhanced technical assistance and monitoring for endpoints, email, network environments, and cloud applications

Your Trusted Peace of Mind Provider

Ditch the complexity of managing various tools and vendors. With SPADE, access Coro—your all-in-one platform with multiple modules—for comprehensive security today and future adaptability. A Veterans Promise: Security Everywhere, Every Moment.
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Unified Dashboard

Access all modules through a single, user-friendly dashboard, enabling quick status checks, event monitoring, and response actions.
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Endpoint Agent

Manage device posture, NGAV, EDR, VPN, firewall, and data governance seamlessly with one endpoint agent, eliminating conflicts.
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Unified Data Engine

Modules communicate seamlessly through a shared data engine, eliminating integration needs and enhancing security posture.

"You Know When a Company Takes Pride in Their Product Quality."

Explore Dustin Hallock's experience as an IT Administrator at Arevo staffing firm, successfully leveraging Coro to thwart all business-disrupting cyber threats for over a year.
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Overwhelmed Managing Your Security? SPADE's Coro Solution Is Here.

Don't go at it alone.


Seamlessly integrate Coro with your business. Gain instant threat detection and vulnerability alerts across your entire organization.