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Protect sensitive data, maintain regulatory compliance, and ensure privacy with confidence while combating cyber threats - A Coro Partner


Healthcare faces a genuine and mounting cyber risk

Don't just take our word, take a look at these statistics


of healthcare organizations experienced a cyber attack in 2020


Avg. of patient and employee records lost or stolen in data breaches


Avg. price tag of the disruption of normal operations

Many healthcare organizations believe they can't afford robust IT security. That changes with SPADE, an official partner of Coro. Safeguard against malware, ransomware, and phishing with one smart solution.
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We're Your Trusted Peace of Mind Provider

Our ethos is built on a foundation of partnership and empowerment. We believe security is more than a service—it's a dynamic partnership that empowers both clients and security professionals alike. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge security systems and innovating security protocols, we elevate facility safety standards and ensure peace of mind for our clients.

Our Offer To You

Consolidated Offer: The Secure Growth Accelerator

Tailored to meet healthcare-specific regulatory requirements (e.g., HIPAA compliance) and offering advanced protection against healthcare-targeted cyber threats.
Introductory Price

For the first 60 days, offer the full suite of 5 cybersecurity modules at a promotional price of $10 per seat per month, with a minimum commitment of 20 seats.

Volume Discounts
  • 20-100 seats: $10 per seat
  • 101-500 seats: $9 per seat
  • 501-1,000 seats: $8 per seat
  • 1,001+ seats: $7 per seat

Quarterly Cybersecurity Trends Webinar

Access to a quarterly webinar that discusses the latest cybersecurity threats and mitigation strategies

Act fast! The initial 50 MSPs signing up for 100 seats or more will enjoy an extra month at the introductory rate. Don't miss out on this early adopter bonus.

SPADE delivers Coro: cutting-edge cyber defense for healthcare organizations in need.

The best feature for me is reporting on when users violate our Office 365 rules for HIPAA and PCI. Coro sends me nightly reports which allow me to educate users. Coro has also assisted me in determining attempted breaches via phishing and can alert me right away and weekly as needed. I absolutely love the customer service they provide, which is refreshing as too many companies push out their software, show it off and get companies to purchase then ditch them after initial setup. With a small team, it's great to know I can get questions answered and they take time often to virtually meet on camera to go over your account.”
Eddie D
Director of IT
G2 Crowd

Introducing SPADE's Cybersecurity System for Healthcare

 Experience unparalleled defense with our unique solution, designed to deliver cutting-edge, holistic protection without burdening your IT resources.

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Cloud Apps

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Data & Devices

SPADE checks all the business-critical security boxes for you. Yup, this is what we mean by holistic:

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Your Trusted Peace of Mind Provider

A Veterans Promise: Security Everywhere, Every Moment.


Protect your most sensitive data

Protect PII, PHI, and PCI for patients and members
Coro is the central control point for sensitive data, practice data and user activity, enabling you to enforce a wide range of security, compliance and governance policies.

  • Ensure PCI Compliance

  • Prevent unauthorized data sharing or access

  • Automatic identification of regulatory violations

Block ransomware and malware spread

Identify potential malware and ransomware activity
Use Coro’s built-in templates to quickly apply file policies and search for unique file extensions.

Automatically detect and contain malicious software
Coro’s AI-powered approach automatically distinguishes between human and bot-generated actions. Coro detects potential attacks and automatically remediates them by suspending suspect users and preventing further corruption of files.


Detect and prevent unauthorized account activities

Automatically detect suspicious behavior
Coro uses behavior models to automatically detect when an account has been compromised or when an insider or privileged user is acting like a threat.

Block phishing scams, ransomware, and malware instantly
Our 24/7 monitoring ensures suspicious email activity is detected and blocked instantly, and that users are notified immediately.

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Don't go at it alone.

Let SPADE support you.


Connect with SPADE, your peace of mind provider. Gain instant detection of threats and vulnerabilities across your entire business.